After a lifetime of work, no one should have to retire in poverty. That’s where your pension comes in. Most BCGEU members have a pension promise: a guaranteed, predictable and reliable income after they stop working. Having a pension is like saving automatically - and efficiently - for retirement.


Three quarters of BCGEU members are enrolled in a pension plan, including: the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP)the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)the College Pension Plan (CPP) . These pension plans will provide guaranteed income in retirement. You can estimate your pension by selecting the pension plan you belong to, and clicking on the estimator link.


BCGEU also offers its own plan, the BC Target Benefit Pension Plan. Some BCGEU members participate in Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans. 

The plan you are enrolled in depends on your employer and collective agreement. Use our pension finder below!

Changes are coming to the Municipal Pension Plan effective January 1, 2017. Read about them here.




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