Update from Joint Labour-Management Committee Meeting for 803 GVCSS members

May 15, 2017

To:      All BCGEU Members at Greater Vancouver Community Services Society
Re:      Update from Joint Labour-Management Committee Meeting


Follow-up To CHWs and 15 Minute Visits

In a previous bulletin, you were instructed to talk to your Supervisor if you have a client on 15-minute visits and if a longer visit is required for their care.  The Employer has agreed that if you can provide a good reason why the client needs more time they will bring this request to Vancouver Coastal Health to try and get the visit lengthened.

The Supervisor is supposed to forward this request – and not treat it as a refuse. You are not refusing when you make this request. If the clients are removed from your schedule when you make this request – the Employer has said that your next step is to contact the Employer, specifically Carol Schmidt. The Employer has stated that they want to hear from you if this happens.

Schedulers and Overtime

Article 16.2 Overtime Compensation tells us how overtime is handled for different classifications. Anyone scheduled according to Article 14.2 (non-CHWs) begin receiving overtime after 7.5 hours of work.  CHW's overtime starts after 8 hours.  The Employer has agreed to this interpretation and any employee scheduled under Article 14.2 that worked overtime up to 21 days before the meeting will receive a repayment to correct this.

Please contact any shop steward for assistance with the above.


Helan Clarke and Jacqueline Lehman



Download PDF of notice here


Local 467/MoveUP