Union working with WorkSafe BC to resolve hazardous health issues at Glanford worksite

December 2, 2016

Union working with WorkSafe BC to resolve hazardous health issues at Glanford worksite


The BCGEU has been informed of a hazardous work situation at the Technology, Innovation and  Citizen’s Services electronic recycling warehouse operation at 3243 Glanford in Victoria. Union staff representatives have been working with members and WorkSafe BC to ensure that the worksite is cleaned up and that workers are provided proper medical support.

We understand that 3 of the 14 employees at the worksite have been identified to be tested for lead exposure. Our understanding is that there are other toxic compounds on the worksite that workers should be tested for, including beryllium, nickel and other heavy metals.

The BCGEU is urging workers at the Glanford facility to be tested for these toxic compounds, by asking your family doctor to subscribe the appropriate tests. If you believe you may have been affected by exposure to these compounds, please call the Victoria area office at 250-388-9948 or 1-800-667-1033 for more information on how to proceed.

You should also know that Section 115 of the Workers Compensation Act requires your employer to protect employees and have an exposure control plan in place on the worksite. Section 116 of the Act ensures the right of workers to report unsafe situations to their employer without reprisal or discipline.

The BCGEU continues to work with WorkSafe BC to advocate for the implementation of effective control measures to ensure our members are protected and for expanded testing of a broader range of toxic compounds to all employees of the facility. Workers are advised to report their exposure on the Worksafe BC Exposure Registry Program so exposure is recorded and adequate supports can be accessed as needed. Here is the link: https://www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/health-care-providers/forms/exposure-registry-program-form-41m1?lang=en

Please work with your occupational health and safety committee, shop steward and staff to protect your health on the job.