Termination of Bargaining Committee Member at Hard Rock Casino

March 20, 2017

Just over a month ago, Hard Rock Casino management terminated Ardi Razmjou. Ardi, like you, is a member of the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union. Even prior to Hard Rock employees voting for the union, Ardi was a passionate advocate for fairness in the workplace. It was a big reason why he was elected to the Union’s bargaining committee to represent the interest of Dealer Supervisors. Ardi had been working hard on your behalf to help get a good deal for Hard Rock employees. His contributions have been valuable in ensuring that the union’s negotiators are properly informed about your interests. 

It is unfortunate that management chose to terminate Ardi. However, it is important to understand that the Labour Relations Code prohibits the termination of employees for joining or participating in the union’s activities. The Labour Relations Code also prohibits the termination of employees without proper cause. The union believes management terminated Ardi without proper cause and because of his participation in union activities. As a result, we filed a complaint with the Labour Relations Board alleging that Ardi’s termination was unlawful. We are waiting for the employer’s response to the complaint. The union will continue to work with Ardi to ensure that he gets a fair outcome.

We value your participation in union activities. Accordingly, the union will do everything within our power to protect workers from unlawful terminations and discipline. If you have any questions about your rights as a member of the union, please do not hesitate to contact your staff representative Sean Antrim at sean.antrim@bcgeu.ca or at 604.215.1499.

Download PDF of notice here.