Successorship talks in Highway Maintenance

April 4, 2017

To:     All BCGEU Members in the Highway Maintenance Sector 
Successorship talks in Highway Maintenance

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the B.C. Government that would include successorship into the next round of highway maintenance contracts.

What this means to you is job security and protection of your union benefits.

The next round of maintenance contracts will be “open bids”, meaning any company may bid. Successorship means that regardless of who is successful, they will be required to maintain the existing employees – with their seniority and all the provisions of the collective agreement as has been negotiated. As the next round of contracts will be for 10 years with optional five-year extensions, this agreement could provide job security for up to 15 years past our existing agreements.

Our collective agreements expire in 2018, 2019 and 2021 (except for Service Area 11). The Requests for Proposal (RFPs) are expected to come out well before the expiry of the existing maintenance contracts for each area. For example, we anticipate that, for the contracts that expire in 2018, the RFPs would be released in late August and early fall of 2017. Today’s agreement includes a process whereby we will negotiate and ratify new collective agreements in each area prior to the release of their RFP.

Therefore, in some areas, we will be entering into bargaining in the near future. It is important to know that negotiations will be for a new collective agreement that will take effect when your existing agreement expires. As with all of our collective agreements, they are subject to ratification by union membership. When bargaining approaches for your area, we will advise on the process through FYIs and communications from your bargaining unit chairpersons.

This is a significant agreement for all highways members and the travelling public. Maintaining succession ensures that you – the well-trained, experienced workers will continue to keep our highways safe throughout the province. It ensures that you have stability in your job to plan for the future and with your families and the communities you live in.


In solidarity

Rory Smith, Vice President, Operational Services Component
Dave Maki, Provincial Bargaining Council Chairperson
Frank N. Anderson, Regional Coordinator

Provincial Bargaining Committee:

Rory Smith – Vice President, Operational Services   Earl Haward – Committee Member
Dave Maki – Provincial Bargaining Council Chair      John Cantlon – Committee Member
Scott Bumphrey – Committee Member                  Reg Dyer – Committee Member
Bob Cristofanetti – Committee Member                Kelly McDonald – Committee Member
Dan O'Hanley – Committee Member                     
Frank Anderson – BCGEU Regional Coordinator

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