The role of the Steward

Every worksite should have a steward. This person is the face of the union at your worksite. The steward's role is to enforce the collective agreement and protect your rights. Your steward was elected by the members at your worksite. Some workplaces have more than one steward who may represent a specific department or area. It's important to be able to identify your steward should you have questions about the union or require their assistance. Contact the BCGEU if you need assistance with this.

Stewards do more than deal with grievances and complaints at the worksite.

• Act as liaison between the worksite, the local and the area offices.
• Sign up new members to the union at the worksite.
• Encourage you to attend local meetings to learn more about matters that affect you.
• Help you interpret and understand their collective agreement rights. 
• Communicate about local and union issues and educational opportunities.
• Ensures the union bulletin board is current.
• Refers members to committees on specific issues, such as the Labour Management and Occupational Health and Safety.
• Listens to you.
• Advises or refers you to the appropriate people whi can deal with WCB appeals, STIIP/LTD issues, unemployment insurance issues and classification appeals.

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