Starlight Casino (Gateway) - Collective Bargaining Update

April 30, 2010

Your bargaining committee just wrapped up three more days of collective bargaining with your Employer. On Tuesday, April 27th, we were able to present to the Employer our full set of monetary proposals. These are the items that have an impact on the Employer’s annual payroll, wages, benefits, allowances, premiums, etc.

We are pleased with the efforts we have made in building a collective agreement with strong language and employee rights into the future. 

We still have a few non-monetary items to get through. That said, we felt that we were far enough along to be able to present the monetary items so that the Employer could begin the costing process. 

Before tabling the monetary items, we go back to the questionnaires and review what you told us were the priority items. There are different views on this and structuring proposals that capture these priorities can be a challenge. Some feel that wages are most important; some say scheduling or benefits or vacations or statutory holidays or Union rights. The members have various priorities and all of them are important. 

We feel that what we presented to the Employer on your behalf is both reasonable and responsible. We are aware of some realities that have faced the economy of late and that the industry we are in is more sensitive than many others when the economy is not doing well. We are hopeful, like everyone else, that the economic slowdown is short lived and that Starlight can prosper into the future. We feel strongly that if the Employer is successful in their business, we will be successful in addressing the issues of most importance to all of us.

We met the Employer again after presenting the monetary items to answer their questions and continue our work through the remaining outstanding items.

We have agreed to meet again for three days next week, Tuesday to Thursday, and we are hopeful that we can again report on the substantive progress we are making.

In solidarity,
Wei Chen, Bargaining Committee Member Rebecca Conroy, Bargaining Committee Member
Lea Oliver-Cross, Bargaining Committee Member Mark Robertson, Bargaining Committee Member
William Wu, Bargaining Committee Member Davinder Yadeta, Bargaining Committee Member
Mike Orders, Staff Representative, Negotiations

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