The introduction of universal childcare in B.C. costing $10 per day would be an economic boost for the province, says an independent report published today.

All of the parties need to step up for child care workers.

Vote Child Care 2015 has called a national day of action on October 8th 2015 to recognize that Early Childhood Educators and childcare workers are the key to high quality child care.

A new study from the BC Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) adds to the growing body of credible evidence proving the economic case for quality, affordable child care. The study, released this week and based on the $10 a Day Plan developed by child care experts, proves that the crisis of affordability and lack of spaces facing families could be easily solved with modest investments by government.

Improving affordability and access to child care spaces are a greater priority for B.C. families than the promise of another tax credit. And the “$10aDay” proposal that seeks to increase the number of affordable child care spaces and improve wages and training of early childhood educators, is viewed as “beneficial” by 82 percent of British Columbians.