International Solidarity

The committee with a plaque from Oxfam thanking the BCGEU for our support of their relief and reconstruction efforts following the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal.


Mike Clarke, Co-Chair 
Andrea Duncan, Co-Chair   
Ken Kay (103)    
Richard Ziemianski (401)    
Ana Treijs (509)    
Ron Storm (601)    
Greg Fjetland (707)                                
Ho Ying Kui (803)                                
Masoud Aminzavvar (803)    
Scott Bumphrey (1001)
Maria Middlemiss (C12 VP)
Nadine Gagnon (1703)
Thierry Rouget (2002)
Jason Blackman (703) YW
Megan Ashbury, Unifor Intersol cmtee rep
Britt Skinner, Unifor Intersol cmtee rep
Doug Dykens, Secretary
Megan Ashbury, Assistant Secretary

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  • make recommendations to the provincial executive regarding:
    • union policies in support of international solidarity;
    • funding of solidarity and development projects through the Diane L. Wood International Solidarity Fund and the Tom Kozar Scholarship Fund;
    • donations in response to emerging humanitarian crises (through the General Fund);
    • relevant resolutions to BCGEU, BC Fed, NUPGE and CLC conventions.
  • the committee will liaise with other provincial executive committees, bargaining committees, cross component committees, component and local executives to promote the work of the committee and its partners;
  • the committee will promote international solidarity amongst members, the labour movement and the community.