Agreement to protect salaries and jobs for Conservation Officers during reorganization

February 23, 2007

Component representatives and union staff reached a resolution with the employer over the re-organization of the Conservation Service. This included agreement on excluded regional managers and protection for Component members.

The union sought the best outcomes for its conservation officers by ensuring salary protection, internal placements and postings and consideration of geographic location of existing positions. Specifically the Agreement states:

1. The positions for Regional Operations Managers and Field Supervisor Officers will be posted internally in the Conservation Service.

2. Senior Conservation Officers, N27 who do not apply, or are not successful, in obtaining a Regional Operations Manager position will be placed in a newly established Conservation Officer Field Supervisor N24 position.

3. If there are five or less Senior Conservation Officers, N27 who choose to remain in the bargaining unit, they will remain classified at that level and receive all normal pay increases.

4. If there are six or more Senior Conservation Officers, N27 who remain in the bargaining unit they will have salary protection including pay increases for the life of the 14th Master Agreement and then will be red-circled.

5. The work place location of the Conservation Officer Field Supervisors, N24 will be based on operational requirements with consideration to the incumbent/applicant’s current work location and ties to that community where practicable.

For more information, please contact your Component Chair, Byron Goerz, at (250) 996-1116 or at

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