Pension investment managers deliver strong returns for 2012-2013

July 25, 2013

The British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) generated a one-year annual return of 9.5% in the last year. As a result, bcIMC added $1.5 billion in value for its pension plan clients which include the Public Sector Pension Plan, Municipal Pension Plan, College Pension Plan, Teachers’ Pension Plan and the WCB Pension Plan.

The model of workplace pensions in B.C. is one of the most successful in North America. 

Investment management costs at bcIMC’s are just .25% of contributions and are amongst the lowest in Canada.  bcIMC’s professional management consistently generates strong returns and as a result our pensions are fully pre-funded.

Workers’ contributions represent from 10% - 12.5% of pension benefits paid to retirees. These contributions are matched by employers. The remaining 75%-80% of benefits paid are from investment returns.

Click here to see the bcIMC Annual Report for 2012-2013.