Performance issues with Integrated Case Management (ICM) system raised by BCGEU

January 28, 2011

Last week, the Ministry of Social Development Joint Union Management Committee Article 29 Committee  met for a regularly scheduled meeting. 

One of the significant items raised was related to staff concerns about the impacts of the introduction of the ICM system. We have heard from BCGEU members in all classifications and all areas of the province about problems with this system. As you know, the province has entered into a six-year agreement with Deloitte Inc. to develop a new computer-based integrated case management system to help deliver social services programs in both the ministries of Social Development and Children and Family Development. The total cost of the system was anticipated to be about $181 million over six years. 

We raised with the ministry concrete examples about the slow responsiveness of the system and a number of related issues which are cases delaying the provision of service to clients. 

We are pleased to report that the ministry was very responsive to the issues we raised. You will have seen a communication about this from both of the responsible Assistant Deputy Ministers to all ministry staff. 

The ministry has said that addressing the performance issues frontline staff are facing with the ICM system is their number one priority. They have said that they are  working with the contractor to address the slow responsiveness of the new system and will be implementing system changes that should result in improved service. 

Most importantly for BCGEU members, the Ministry has also confirmed that, "We recognize that these issues are impacting your ability to do your work, and that productivity has been affected through no fault of staff. "

The BCGEU will continue to monitor this situation. Please direct any concerns you believe that the BCGEU should be aware of to a member of the Committee. 

In Solidarity


BCGEU Ministry of Social Development Article 29 Committee Members

Doug Kinna, Co-chair and SIHS Component Chairperson

Barb Peters, Committee member, Local 1202

Edna Park, Committee member, Local 605

Tony Sprackett, Committee member Local, 1201

Michael Eso,  BCGEU Staff Representative