Land Title and Survey Authority - Update on Bargaining

December 17, 2010

We are disappointed to have to advise you that we did not succeed in achieving a collective agreement with the employer this week, and we currently have no further dates scheduled.

While we did agree to "green" the benefits proposal, we made no further headway.

The outstanding issues continue to be the vacation scheduling during the prime time period, and wages. The employer has not tabled another wage offer. They stated that they were not prepared to do so until the vacation selection issue has been resolved.

Vacation selection for 2011 will begin in January as set out in the current collective agreement. The employer has advised the Union that they intend to follow Arbitrator Holden's awards and allow additional time off during prime time, but not during the vacation selection period.

The employer has not withdrawn their proposal regarding the vacation entitlement on retirement, so that issue remains outstanding as well.

Your committee is now considering next steps, including applying for mediation, either with or without a strike mandate. As soon as that determination is made, we will advise.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Ann at for further information.

We wish you the very best of the holidays!

In solidarity,
Joanne Seright, Bargaining Committee Chair
Linda Pakos, Bargaining Committee Member
Sid Wain, Bargaining Committee Member
Ann (Krauseneck) Clegg, Staff Representative
Heather Turner, Staff Representative

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