"No Response": environmental law enforcement and compliance in BC

October 15, 2007

Today West Coast Environmental Law, with the assistance of the BCGEU, released the report "No Response-A survey of environmental law enforcement and compliance in BC."

The thoroughly researched and documented study shows a dramatic drop in environmental law enforcement under the Gordon Campbell government.

Case studies around the province show the same story: weakened laws, a lack of enforcement and a lack of compliance.

The report draws a clear connection between the lack of enforcement and massive staffing cuts at the Ministry of Environment and the Conservation Officer Service.

The report argues that Conservation Officers are working hard, but staffing levels need to be restored and funding increased.

These issues are all too familiar to Component 20 members who are on the frontline enforcing environmental laws in BC.

The report also lays out clear recommendations for undoing the damage caused by the Liberal government.

With environmental issues at the forefront today, lets hope the government takes the time to read this report and acts on the recommendations.

To see a copy of "No Response" click here.