Quick Facts about the BCGEU

Key numbers

  • The BCGEU has over 73,000 members from 550 different employers across British Columbia;
  • The BCGEU is one of the most diverse unions in British Columbia:
    • About 27,000 BCGEU members - two-fifths of our membership -  work directly for BC's provincial government;
    • About 17,000 BCGEU members - a quarter of our membership - work in BC's health sector (community health, facilities);
    • About 10,000 BCGEU members work in community-based social services, such as community living, family services, immigrant services, childcare and more.
  • We are a modern labour union that also represents Vancity and other credit union workers, casino workers, community college employees, hotels, highways maintenance, and Canada Line workers, among many others.

Structure & Governance


  • B.C. government workers formed the Provincial Civil Service Association of BC in 1919.
  • The B.C. Government Employees' Association (BCGEA) was founded in 1942.
  • The BCGEA changed its name to the B.C. Government Employees' Union in 1969.
  • The BCGEU gained full bargaining rights under the BC Labour Code in 1974.
  • The BCGEU changed its name again in 1993 to reflect its expanding non-government membership base, to the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union.