Municipal Pension Plan members: Carefully review your benefit statement

June 3, 2015

BCGEU members enrolled in the Municipal Pension Plan will be receiving their 2014 benefit statements from the BC Pension Corporation during the month of June. The union is encouraging members to review their benefit statement carefully to ensure you have been credited for all your pensionable earnings.

Your benefit statement provides you with a personal itemized report on the pensionable service you have accrued to date as well as a projection on your estimated future pension. Benefit statements for Municipal Pension Plan members are sent yearly, during the month of June.

The BCGEU is encouraging you to review the statement carefully and make sure you have been credited for all your pensionable earnings.  Your pension is based on a formula that uses your pensionable service to calculate the dollar amount of your final pension.

Specifically, you should review the section of your statement dealing with pensionable service which shows the service earned for the last calendar year.

Full-time employees who haven’t taken any unpaid leaves of absences should be credited with a full year of pensionable service whether or not they work regular hours or different shifts.

Bi-weekly payroll systems as well as rotating shift schedules could result in members not being credited for their full 12 months’ pensionable service. In addition, if you work in a regular part-time position and the vacation pay on any extra hours is paid as a lump sum later, that should be pensionable up to the full time hours for the position.

If you have worked full time, your statement should show 12 months’ contribution. It should only be less if:

  • you took an unpaid leave, even for a few days
  • you joined the MPP during that year
  • you worked part-time during the year

Calculating pensionable earnings for part-time workers is a little more challenging. You can work out your pensionable service by dividing the amount of pensionable hours you worked into the full-time hours for your position. (for example: you worked 910 hours out of a 1820 full-time equivalent, which amounts to half of a year or six months' pensionable earnings.  Your pension statement would show six months' pensionable service for 2014.)

If you think there is a mistake with your pensionable service, please speak with your employer to determine the reason and ensure you have it corrected if an error was made. It could financially affect you for life!

BCGEU members in the Public Sector Pension Plan and the College Pension Plan receive their yearly statements sent in fall and early in the year, respectively.

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Please note that this notice ONLY applies to Municipal Pension Plan members.

The BCGEU website can help you determine which pension plan you belong to by entering your employers name – click here for details