Meet your Component 8 Executive: William McKerrow

July 9, 2015

William has proudly served as a steward for eight years. He was sat on his Local executive for five years, first as member at large (for two and a half years), and then as co-chair for a year and a half. Since June 2014, William has served as chair of Local 808.

He is an appointed member of OH&S for last three years, and he completed a leadership course at the Canadian Labour Congress's Winter School at Harrison Hot Springs in January of this year.

Recently, William was appointed for EDMP training this June. "I was very honored to have been selected."

William's background in union activism began many years prior to his involvement with BCGEU. He became involved while he was in Toronto as a member of a hospitality union, where he was an active steward for five years.

"I have a strong passion for equality in the workplace, fair wages, as well as safe working conditions. I love championing our members' causes and helping them to see and understand their worth and value" says William.

"I have a strong belief in public services being available for all and I like to ensure members are properly trained to perform their duties in best practice care policies."

Outside of his union life, William plans to run for city council in the next round of local government elections. "I am getting invoked with the labour council as well as attending open city council meetings when they fit into my schedule."

William's interests include quality family time, working on his 110-gallon salt water fish tank, learning to play guitar, camping, and looking after his many other pets which include dogs, cats and birds.