BCGEU Master Bargaining update: Negotiations continue toward agreement to protect LDB workers affected by distribution warehouse selloff

March 8, 2012

The BCGEU master bargaining committee continued to press the B.C. Government this week for protection for its roughly 500 members affected by the impending selloff of LDB warehouses in Vancouver and Kamloops.

Discussions aimed at concluding an Agreement in Principal (AIP) are ongoing. Both the union and the employer have agreed to an expedited resolution by next week.

We’re seeking an agreement that includes the following:

• Offers of employment with the new operator for regulars and auxiliaries;
• Participation in the public service pension plan;
• Successorship to the master and component agreements
• Input in the request for proposals;
• Early retirement and voluntary retirement incentives;
• Employment security.

Further discussions will occur at the LDB Article 29 Joint Committee meeting on March 9.

Our time this week has predominantly been spent discussing the AIP for the sale of the LDB assets. We’ve been negotiating since early January. Dates have been set through to the end of March. Some minor progress has been made to date. We are returning to Victoria next week for three days of negotiations. 

BCGEU members are seeking a fair and reasonable agreement. They have identified wage increases, job security and improved benefits as their main contract priorities. Since 2010, during the term of the current agreement, BCGEU members have suffered a real wage cut of five percent. There has been no general wage increase since April 2009.