Local 2010 New Local Executive Members Elected

February 6, 2017

By acclamation Adam Hughes is the new Local Chair for Local 2010, Hack Waldon is the new 1st Vice Chair & Erin Hall is a new Member-at-Large!

Congratulations Adam, Hack and Erin!

Executive for Local 2010:

Chairperson                       Adam Hughes
1st Vice Chair                    Hack Waldon
2nd Vice Chair                   VACANT
Treasurer                          VACANT
Recording Secretary           Amanda Fraser
Member-at-Large    (4)       Dax Bourke
                                       Ken McLean
                                       Noella Valliere
                                       Erin Hall
                                       VACANT (1 position)

Young Worker                   Kirsten Bitor

Please contact any of these members if you need clarification on union matters.

Download PDF of notice here