Union Advantage

Workers join the BCGEU for different reasons. Some are universal, such as better working conditions, protection of rights, fair treatment and respect.

Those things are the union advantage.

Without a union or collective agreement, you're subject to the whims of your employer. That person will decide who gets a pay raise or promotion, how the workload is divided and who gets preferred vacation time. When you belong to the BCGEU, you're not alone to face management and address issues at your workplace. You have the collective strength of experienced staff, resources and 67,000 members behind you.

As a BCGEU member, you and your co-workers will be able to negotiate (with the assistance of skilled negotiators) wages and benefits, processes to resolve grievances and harassment complaints, rules around promotions and job postings and many other provisions.

Having a collective agreement means your rights as an employee, working conditions and compensation are spelled out clearly and  enforced.

You can also participate in the union by being elected a shop steward or a health and safety representative. You might also be eligible to attend conventions, conferences and training courses.

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