Important changes coming to BC Liquor stores next week

March 26, 2015

Big changes are coming to BC Liquor Stores next week that will affect our BCGEU members who work in the public stores.

On Good Friday, about 120 of BC’s public liquor stores will be open on a statutory holiday for the first time. Other changes are also being introduced next week: shopping hours will be extended, some stores will open on Sundays and eventually many public stores will be offering refrigerated products. 

We have been lobbying government for these changes and we welcome them. This is an important modernization of the BC Liquor Store system and is crucial to protecting the jobs of our members who work there.

Also next week, the Liquor Distribution Branch will introduce a new wholesale pricing model. We have been assured by LDB management that public store prices will remain largely unchanged. However, there is still some uncertainty around the new pricing system with conflicting reports in the media almost every day.

Our union is analyzing the new wholesale pricing model. We will be paying close attention as it rolls out. We want assurance on two important concerns:

  • that our public liquor stores remain truly competitive, and
  • that public revenues generated through liquor distribution and retailing are protected, and increased in a socially responsible way.

We will provide information on our analysis of the wholesale pricing model once the research is complete.

Public liquor stores have a long tradition of better prices, better selection, knowledgeable staff and socially responsible marketing. BC Liquor Stores also provide good jobs all across our province.

Our collective agreement includes important job protection provisions for LDB workers through to 2019. Our union will continue to defend the people who provide the public distribution and retailing of liquor in BC. This includes working to ensure that LDB employees’ jobs, wages and benefits remain stable and secure.

Stephanie Smith- BCGEU president

Kimberlee Macgregor – BCGEU vice president – Retail Stores and Warehouse