How do I Join the BCGEU?

STEP 1: Contact the BCGEU and we will arrange a confidential meeting  to identify your issues and for us to learn more about the job you do and your working conditions.


STEP 2: Sign a BCGEU Membership card. (there are no costs or initiation fees to join the BCGEU).


STEP 3: Begin talking to coworkers, and having them sign membership cards. When a minimum of 45% of all employees at your worksite have signed membership cards, the BCGEU will make an application to the Labour Relations Board(LRB) to be your legal representative in bargaining and other employment related issues.


STEP 4: Within 10 days of making the application, a secret ballot vote must be conducted. This vote is overseen by a representative of the Ministry of Labour, appointed by the LRB. Only you will  know  how you have voted.


STEP 5: To be successful, 50 percent plus one of those who have voted must have voted yes for the union.


STEP 6: Shortly after a successful vote a meeting will be held for all new members to meet their Servicing Staff Representative and Local elected Officers. At this time you will elect your bargaining committee and shop stewards.


Will my employer know that I have signed a membership card?


No, not unless you tell them. Your membership in the union is confidential, and neither the BCGEU or the Ministry of Labour will disclose it to your employer.