Highway Maintenance Service Area Bargaining

October 27, 2016

To:      BCGEU Component 10 Members - Highways
Re:      Highway Maintenance Service Area Bargaining


This bulletin is meant for BCGEU members in the highway maintenance sector.

Further to our bulletin of October 11, 2016, we proceeded with our meetings/discussions with the BC Road Builders on Oct 23 & 24 where we exchanged ideas that would include successorship in the future. We have also had discussions with the BC Government regarding this. Additional meetings have been scheduled with the Road Builders for Nov 3 – 5, after which we hope to give you more details. 

As mentioned in the last bulletin, the first set of highway maintenance contracts are expected to be released in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) at the end of the summer/early fall 2017. These are for contracts that are expiring in 2018.

You are represented at these meetings by Rory Smith, BCGEU Vice-President–Operational Services Component (Highways); Dave Maki, Provincial Bargaining Council Chairperson; and representatives from across the province that were elected at the Bargaining Conference held in June. Those individuals are all listed below.



In solidarity


Rory Smith, Vice President, Operational Services Component
Dave Maki, Provincial Bargaining Council Chair
Frank Anderson, Regional Coordinator



Provincial Bargaining Committee:

Rory Smith – Vice President, Operational Services                  Earl Haward – Committee Member
Dave Maki – Provincial Bargaining Council Chair                     John Cantlon – Committee Member
Scott Bumphrey – Committee Member                                  Reg Dyer – Committee Member
Bob Cristofanetti – Committee Member                                 Kelly McDonald – Committee Member
Dan O'Hanley – Committee Member                                     Frank Anderson – BCGEU Regional Coordinator



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