Hard Rock Casino - Bargaining Begins!!!

January 30, 2017

To:     All BCGEU Members at Hard Rock Casino
Re:     Bargaining Begins!!!


Your Bargaining Committee is pleased to announce that negotiations for Hard Rock's first ever collective agreement began with your Employer on January 24th . Talks took place over the course of three days, and though discussions were spirited, and tense at times, they remained civil, with both sides exchanging a large number of non-monetary proposals. It was a productive start to what can be the very complicated process of negotiating a first collective agreement.

Collective agreements are made up of sections we call articles. Each article deals with a different type of work condition or entitlement. The collective agreement is in essence a set of laws for the workplace that must be followed. Each article in the agreement must be agreed to by the Union and the Employer. This is easier said than done. Both sides have strong beliefs on what should and should not be in an agreement, and it can take some time before a consensus is reached. It's challenging work, but your committee is more than up to it!!

Bargaining is tentatively set to resume in late February. We remain committed to updating you on our progress, but cannot go into specifics of what has been discussed, or will be proposed at the bargaining table. Remember, you will have a chance to review, ask questions and vote on the new agreement once negotiations have finished.

Many thanks for your patience, and most of all, incredible support!


In solidarity,


Your Bargaining Committee:   Mike Dove, Tony Kashani, Kevin Da Silva, Lorea Pleshka, Ardi Razmjou, Brian Middleton, Mark Fletcher, Laura Dimal

Linsay Buss, Staff Representative - Negotiations
Chad McQuarrie, Staff Representative – Negotiations
Shelly Appleton, Staff Representative – Negotiations
Sheila Matthen, Staff Representative – Negotiations


Download PDF of notice here