Gathering facts for a grievance

It's important factually present any grievance you're filing. As the member filing a grievance, you need to give your steward as many facts as possible.
Here are six things to remember when filing a grievance:

1. WHO is involved? The member's (your) full name, employer, branch or division, title and job classification. Names and titles of supervisors or witnesses need to be accurate.

2. WHAT happened that caused the violation of the collective agreement? Were you disciplined? Was substitution pay not given? Were there safety violations? You need to tell the story in chronological order.

3. WHEN did the violation occur? Ensure dates and times are included and accurate. 

4. WHERE did it occur? Give exact location or locations if event occurred in different places. You may be asked to produce photos or drawings.

5. WHY is this considered to be a grievance or complaint? Was there a direct violation of an article(s) in the collective agreement? Was it a code or act violation, an arbitral award violation or past practice issue?

6. WANT adjustments or remedies are required to correct the injustice. Always ask for "full redress" in order to make the member whole, ie., all wages lost, file cleared, vacation returned.

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