P.G. Cougars Labour Appreciation Night - OPENING WEEKEND!

Friday, September 26, 2014 - 7:00pm

#102 – 2187 Ospika Blvd. South, Prince George BC 
Phone:  (250) 561-0783 | INFO@KPGCOUGARS.COM

The Prince George Cougars are excited to welcome Labour to the New Ice Age! 

"In appreciation" special package includies: 

  • Ticket to opening night $21.45 
  • Medium Popcorn $5.25 
  • Cariboo Beer $8.10
  • Total Value $34.80 

Special Package Cost $21.50 

In addition, any Union member who enjoys themselves at opening night and would subsequently like to purchase a season ticket will be able to purchase the season ticket for $517 (a discounted price). 

For ticket bookings or more information please contact Marnie or Eric at 250-561-0783