Local 0111-12-10-06 Executive Nomination Results

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - 2:45pm

BCGEU Prince George Area Office, 500 Quebec St., Prince George BC, V2L 0C6 | view map
Phone: 250-563-1116 | Phone toll free: 1-800-667-8772 
Fax: (250) 562-9012 | Fax toll free: 1-800-946-0257


The nomination process for your Local Executive positions closed on Friday, February 6, 2015.  We want to take this opportunity to advise and congratulate all those who put their name forward and were acclaimed to their positions.  The results are as follows:

                     Chair                                                   Mike Clark

                    1st Vice Chair                                      Kyle Bouillon

                    2nd Vice Chair                                     Craig Tott

                    Recording Secretary                           Theo Bolstad

                    Member-At-Large                              Elaine Laite

                    Member-At-Large                              Lisa Hendricks

                    Member-At-Large (PGYCC)                Warren Rustad

Please be advised the following four (4) positons remain vacant.  These vacant positons will remain open until all positions are filled.  A nomination form is attached (copy as required), and forward to the BCGEU via facsimile 250-562-9012 or toll free 1-800-946-0257, mail, or hand delivery to 1070 4th Avenue, Prince George BC  V2L 3J1.

Member-At-Large (Sheriffs)
Member-At-Large (Young Worker)
Member-At-Large (2 positions)

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, or have any questions, please contact your Local Chair or your Area Office (see numbers below).

Area 11 – Prince George Area Office  

(250) 563-1116             or       1-800-667-8772

Area 12 – Terrace Area Office  

(250) 635-9126             or       1-800-665-1664

Area 10 – Fort St John Area Office (Peace River)

(250) 785-6785             or       1-800-667-0788

Area 06 – Williams Lake Area Office (Cariboo)

(250) 392-6586             or       1-800-667-9244

LLM/MSM  cope 378

FA-572  p../0111/Nomination Results 15Feb10.docx        

Click here for FYI notice and nomination form:  /sites/default/files/events/attachments/Local%200111-12-10-06%20Nomination%20Results%20and%20Nominaton%20Form%20for%20vacant%20positions%2015Feb10.pdf