Component 3 OHS networking strategy session

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 9:00am to 4:30pm

BCGEU Lower Mainland Office, 130-2920 Virtual Way, Vancouver,  V5M 0C4| View Map
Phone: 604-215-1499 | Phone toll free: 1-888-238-0239

You are invited to attend the above Component 3 OHS Networking Strategy Sessions for OHS Committee members. 

The session will provide specific knowledge, tools, and skills to assist health and safety activists in: 

  • Holding union caucuses prior to joint OHS committee meetings for strategizing and preparation purposes; 
  • Addressing client violence in the workplace and understanding and utilizing OHS Regulation 3.12 - Refusal of Unsafe Work;
  • Understanding and utilizing the 21 day letter process;
  • Dealing with management in an assertive and respectful manner;
  • Drafting effective committee recommendations.

Union leave will be provided to attend the OHS strategy session along with other reasonable costs to attend. 

Please contact Lisa Luthje as soon as possible to register for the above noted course at: or by calling 604-215-1499.

In solidarity

Wendy Mah                        
Staff Representative                    
Occupational Health & Safety                

Andrea Duncan
Local 303 Chair

Download PDF of notice here.