Stop the Fentanyl Crisis

Our communities are under strain. The fentanyl crisis has pushed our medical system to the breaking point and inaction by senior levels of government has left everyone scrambling to save lives. The crisis has affected working people across this province, on and off the job. We need a collective response to this deepening public health crisis. 

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Many BCGEU members are on those front lines, and many of you are affected in other aspects of your work.

Nearly one thousand family members, mothers, sisters, fathers, sons, daughters – taken from their families too soon. The pain caused by this will be felt long after, and we need to move quickly to save lives.

The BCGEU is in an information gathering stage of this campaign, and is seeking input to inform a collective response to the crisis.

Currently the union is been setting up local workshops, doing workplace risk assessments, and setting up ways for members to offer us valuable first-hand accounts. This has included initiation Occupational Health and Safety risk assessments in all BCGEU components, running information sessions on harm reduction and booking Naloxone workshops, as well as engaging with municipal and provincial leaders on issues of trauma experienced by front line workers.

Our country needs to hear from those directly affected. Your stories. Your experiences. Together, we must stand up to ensure our communities have the support they need - from supervised injection facilities, to drug testing, outreach, counselling and treatment. We also must ensure our front-line members are supported with the equipment, training and counselling needed to get through this crisis.