Quality Public Services

Strengthening public services and ensuring tax fairness is the right thing and smart thing to do. The task has never been more formidable. The need has never been greater. It will take the effort of each of us. ALL TOGETHER NOW!

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Families rely on quality public services every day and when times are tough they need these services more than ever. Cutting public spending on services provided in our local hospitals, or the schools in our community, or the home care that helps frail seniors, or the programs that protect our food and water safety, or the early learning centres that give our children the best start in life would be irresponsible and damage the quality of life for families.

Big spending cuts are not inevitable; they are a political choice that can be prevented. The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is speaking up for public services and for the people who provide them. We are campaigning at a national, provincial and local community level to make the case for properly-funded, high quality public services. We believe that putting pressure on politicians and policy-makers now will make them think twice before making deep spending cuts and privatization the preferred option.

Don’t stand by while politicians decide on public service cuts that could hurt your family and community. In this crucial time, your voice has extraordinary power. Make sure you use it. Join our campaign and make sure the politicians hear your voice about the value of public services and the need for tax fairness. By working together we can apply political pressure and influence public policy - and here's how you can get involved:

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  • Book a presentation with one of our Champions for Change
  • Take the Equality Pledge
  • Add your voice to thousands of others who are speaking out by uploading a photo with your own personal message
  • Sign on our proclamation for quality public services and tax fairness

Use our online calculator to determine how many jobs will be lost if your government cuts public spending
Read about The Fairness Test and find out if your provincial government budget passes or not
Use our Words That Work resources to ensure we’re all using the same persuasive messages

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