Local Crews Know Local Roads

FACT: B.C. has 47,000 kilometres of highways and rural side roads and 2,800 bridges in some of the most challenging terrain in the world

FACT: highways maintenance contracts could change hands in the next few years

FACT: There is no guarantee B.C.’s experienced highways maintenance workers will be able to keep our highways safe

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Police and paramedics rely on them.

So do truck drivers and hockey moms.

We ALL rely on well maintained highways.

Properly maintained highways, roads and bridges keep the travelling public safe. They are also a key part of our provincial economic infrastructure.

We need well-trained, experienced workers who are familiar with their region to keep our highways safe.

In the next few years our experienced highways workers could lose their jobs. That’s because highways maintenance contracts could change hands.

There’s no guarantee the experienced crews will keep their jobs..or be there to keep our roads safe.

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  • Click here to sign the petition calling on Premier Christy Clark to stand up for our families, to ensure that our highways are maintained by experienced, professional, local operators and trades people.