International Solidarity

BCGEU Members, as part of a global community, have made supporting international social justice and labour solidarity causes a priority for our union. Our jobs and the delivery of important public services for British Columbians are impacted by developments in other countries.

Our International Solidarity Committee supports and collaborates with a number of organizations to advance working people's interests around the world. 

Our partner organizations: View as a map - List with links to websites.


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Our union's fundamental commitment to human rights and our bonds of solidarity with workers around the world drives our active stance on international solidarity issues.

We allocate $0.20 per member per month to our Diane Wood International Solidarity and Humanity Fund. The fund provides financial support for projects that partner us with unions, community groups and non-governmental organizations in different parts of the world.

What does our International Solidarity Committee do?

  • Show that the global community is watching: we often send official letters to governments and other organizations in support of our international partners.
  • Spread awareness on issues of importance to workers around the world through alerts to our members with information as to how they can get involved.
  • Support our international partners through member delegations and financial contributions.

Learn more about the International Solidarity Committee and the causes we support:

Do you know a project or organization that would be a good candidate for support from our International Solidarity Committee?
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