BC has a childcare crisis - Families can't afford childcare. Paying for childcare in BC is like having a second mortgage. Often, it's not worth going back to work. There is a solution: a community plan to cap childcare fees and improve early childhood education. It's time to invest in our kids.

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We need $10/day childcare because...

  • Childcare costs $9000/year for a 2-year old; In Vancouver, it's $14,000
  • In BC, there is only one licensed childcare space for every five children
  • BC mothers have lowest labour participation rate in Canada
  • Young BC families are squeezed: both housing & childcare are unaffordable
  • $10/day childcare is key to ending childhood poverty in BC – the second worst in Canada

The $10/day childcare plan will…

  • Cap childcare fees at $10 a day & free for families making under $40,000/year
  • Create more childcare spaces
  • Develop a high quality early childhood education system
  • Give boards of education the mandate to fund, develop and govern early care & learning in BC
  • Improve wages and training for Early Childhood Educators – they are licensed teachers, not babysitters

The BCGEU is the leading childcare union in British Columbia, representing over 1,500 Early Childhood Educators in 150 bargaining units.

We are proud to be partners with the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C. working towards building a quality, non-profit, universal and accessible child care system in our province.