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Welcome and long overdue changes are coming to BC Liquor stores this week. These are changes our union has lobbied government to implement.

When I ran for president at our 2014 convention, I promised to be open, consultative and collaborative in my presidency. I also made a commitment that I would connect with as many members as possible in all twelve areas of the province in my first 12 months as BCGEU president.

Wednesday, March 18 is National Dietitians Day. It’s a time to celebrate this committed group of healthcare professionals.

Bill C-51: The “secret police” law must be stopped.

March 8th marks the 104th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Millions of people around the world will celebrate the achievements of women who have played, and continue to play, a central role in our unions, our workplaces, our communities and our country.

“March is Community Social Services Awareness Month” is a province-wide public awareness campaign. 

It’s time to redefine what it means to have a balanced budget.

A balanced budget must mean more than projected government revenue exceeds projected costs.

In 2015, a balanced budget should mean: government will meet its financial and its social responsibilities.

Unions promote economic fairness.

We help negotiate fair wages with employers on behalf of our members. But the collective agreement has to work for everyone. When we sign the deal, it means that workers and the employer have agreed on fair wage levels for the duration of the contract.

The BCGEU’s Choose Children campaign went into high gear last week when we released two powerful videos. 

Both feature children, and ask the B.C. government to give back what it has taken from children at risk.

We’ve seen this film before. Government pledges to balance the budget at any cost. Important programs and services get axed in the name of ‘prudent fiscal management.’