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October marks Community Inclusion Month, an opportunity to celebrate the strengths and achievements of people with developmental disabilities and to renew our commitment to their full citizenship, participation and inclusion in our province.

Two solemn events are held each year on the last Sunday in September.

After a lifetime of work, our seniors deserve to end their years comfortably, safely and with as much independence as possible. For more than 30,000 B.C. seniors, a large part of the comfort and care they receive is provided by an unpaid caregiver.

I spent three days touring The Peace region last week with Executive Vice President Mike Nuyens. It was a great visit. The leaves had already started to turn but the air was still warm.

Our long, hot summer has come to an end. It was an especially sudden end for those of us in the southwest corner of BC with windstorms on the weekend and several days of rain.

As treasurer, my role in the BCGEU is both political and financial – acting as a member of the Executive Committee and second in charge to the President, while ensuring proper financial oversight and ensuring strategic investment direction.

As you are probably aware, there will be a federal election in the fall – a chance to choose who we want to represent us in Ottawa and around the world.

We’re nearly a century old. Can you believe it?

This Sunday, the BCGEU will celebrate its 96th birthday.

Saving two very young bear cubs has earned BCGEU Conservation Officer Bryce Casavant a lot of support.

You’ve probably heard about his story on TV, in the paper, or on social media. 

Pride season is once again upon us. This year, I’m celebrating #LoveWins!

#LoveWins is the social media hashtag that spread across the Internet on June 27.

On that historic day, the US Supreme Court ruled that all couples in America have the right to marry.