LGBTQ+ solidarity is more important now than ever

June 15, 2016

Once in a while an event happens that makes you rethink where you are. For LGBTQ+ rights, I thought we had come a long way: Canada has legalized gay marriage, popular culture has started to embrace LGBTQ+ characters, and like many unions, the BCGEU has a vibrant LGBTQ+ community. I was feeling as though we had made real movement forward on the issue.
The shooting in Orlando on the weekend changed all that.
Suddenly, the motivation for the largest mass killing in recent US history is who the victims loved. And it sets me back – are we really still here? Is such hatred, coupled with the easy access to guns in the United States, still able to wreak such devastating havoc?
It makes me more determined than ever to move together and continue to fight. I highlighted some of the BCGEU's main advances in my blog on the Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, but there is more to be done. BCGEU members have supported the growing Pride movement in smaller communities such as Fort St. John, Nanaimo and Quesnel, and we will continue to encourage our members to show solidarity as Pride events take place across the province throughout the summer.
We must continue to create safe spaces for all our members, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. We can bargain inclusive language into our collective agreements and union policies. There are many more ways to show our solidarity.
Trade unions have a role in supporting human rights for all members of our society, and this is another occasion where our strength is in our numbers. Let's show all our LGBTQ+ friends that we stand with them in solidarity, in whatever way we can!

BCGEU statement here


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We all have pride and I hope most Canadians support the LGBTQ.

As important what are we doing about management hiring discriminatietly and appointing people w no competition.
Our Union is jumping on every cause but focus little on actual hire practices etc. The North has run amuck for a decade and no one cares. The brotherhood who the union is protecting is very focussed on FN initiatives gay and Lesbien initiatives but falters on monitoring what's going on to existing members.

I support and stand with LGBTQ+ Also, thanks for the BBQ :-)

This world would be a far better place is more emphasis was put on a human as a whole......who cares what their sexual orientation is or how they present themselves as long as it's is clothing, make-up is make-up......let's embrace the makes up the precious colours in our rainbow! colour would be pretty boring!!!!!

I am so glad that the BCGEU has taken this stance on rights for all; which includes the LGBTQ community. It's about time that we embraced all peoples and genders; this is what being a "union" is all about. Solidarity.