BCGEU members initiate Health Services Providers Month in BC

January 20, 2017

Thanks to the tremendous work of BCGEU members in Component 4 Health Services, January has been proclaimed Health Services Providers Month by the BC government.

There are many health awareness and appreciation dates such as National Nursing Week and Health Care Assistants Day, yet jobs in residential or home care were previously excluded from this kind of formal recognition.

Advocating on behalf of health services providers across the province, our members engaged the BC government to proclaim an appreciation date that is more inclusive of the wide variety of work performed in this field. The new proclamation recognizes duties performed in residential care, assisted living, extended health, home and community care, mental health and addictions, acute care, emergency, maternity, and primary health care as well as laboratory technicians, health inspectors, and support workers.

I am so proud of the work health services providers do every day to provide care to communities throughout the province—from detox and emergency shelter services to assisting seniors with disabilities. Whether on the frontline or in support or administrative roles, these are demanding and often difficult jobs. This proclamation will help raise the profile of this work and foster a deeper appreciation for those who perform it.

Join me in celebrating the first Health Services Providers Month and honouring the essential role all health care workers play in ensuring the health and well-being of British Columbians.

View the proclamation here. 



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