President's Blog - BCGEU crews keep highways safe

February 2, 2017

Once again, the forecast indicates snowfall will create a winter wonderland across B.C. - unusually so in the Lower Mainland.

In these conditions, B.C.’s highways and bridges can be treacherous, and I want to recognize the hard work of BCGEU highway maintenance members across the province.

I know that they are doing everything they can to keep the travelling public safe despite the very challenging conditions this winter.

When so many of us are on the road with places to go, travel in areas such as the Coquihalla and Malahat highways can be particularly impacted by delays and closures due to heavy snow and poor driving conditions. But thanks to their knowledge and experience on our roads, highways workers keep us on the go.

In my travels around the province I’ve talked to many plow operators, and they’ve shared some valuable tips for driving in snowy conditions, most importantly:

When visibility is poor on the highways, plow trucks use their yellow flashing lights. Don’t try to pass. Stay back and allow the plow to do its work – and don’t assume the snow plow operator can see you.

Once the plow pulls over to let you by, you might consider giving your fellow BCGEU member a wave of thanks.

As winter conditions continue throughout the province, remember to visit to check on road conditions and plan your trip.

Stay safe on the roads!

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