Information about benefits & job action for BCGEU members in direct government of BC service

July 17, 2012

The Master Bargaining Committee can confirm the following updated information about the impact of job action on leave entitlements.

Leave Requests

As many of you know, the employer suspended approval of leave requests after the July job action at the LDB locations.

The Master Bargaining Committee has received many questions and concerns from members about information they have recently received from managers at their workplaces regarding leave entitlements.

We can now confirm that in the event of rotating/targeted strikes of short duration the Public Service Agency has advised ministries and other worksites covered by the Master Agreement that they are now free to use their discretion (subject to normal operational requirements) to approve new vacation leave requests. Vacation leave requests that are approved should be unaffected by job action.

Other Leave Absences

For other requests including medical/dental, family and other Article 20 leaves, members will continue to be eligible for those leaves. However, these leaves will not be approved or paid on the day(s) an employee would otherwise have been off work due to rotating job action at their worksite. After job action has concluded, members' eligibility for these leaves will resume.

Leave for Union Business

For union leave that is not strike related, and is related to the workplace it will be business as usual.  For example, paid leaves for stewards providing assistance under Clause 2.6(c) and requests for OHS members will be processed in the usual way.

For unpaid union leaves [Clause 2.10(a)], it will not be business as usual. The employer will approve the leaves (subject to normal operational requirements) but the usual system of reimbursement where the employer continues to pay members will not occur. Members will not receive pay from the employer for the days they are away on union leave. The union is exploring options to enable us to assist members. Clearly this change will have an impact on any requests for leave affecting members currently on strike. We will communicate further information as soon as possible.

If you have questions specific to your circumstances, please forward them to BCGEU Direct at 604.291.6062 or 1.888.991.6062 and staff will re-direct your question to members of the Master Bargaining Committee for a reply.

At this point in time, the union is anticipating job action of short duration at targeted worksites and areas. The employer and the union have agreed to review the above commitments on a weekly basis.