BCGEU makes recommendations on non-medical marijuana distribution and sales

December 2, 2015

The BCGEU is holding a news conference today concerning the distribution and sale of non-medical marijuana, which the federal government is likely to legalize next year.

The BCGEU will announce that it is working with the BC Private Liquor Store Association (BCPLSA) to form a partnership called the "Responsible Marijuana Retail Alliance of B.C.". This partnership is going to recommend that legalized marijuana be distributed in B.C. through the existing LDB warehouses, and that legalized marijuana be sold in both public and private liquor stores. 

While we have traditionally been at odds with the private retailers, we are open to working with them when it will achieve the best results for our members. We feel that the legalization of non-medical marijuana represents an opportunity to secure the future of our public distribution system and our public stores. 

Many public BC Liquor Stores are now open Sundays and holidays, open extended hours and offer refrigerated products. These are important changes that modernize our stores. If the federal government legalizes marijuana, and if our recommendations are implemented, our public distribution system and our public stores will be well positioned for the future in an industry that is undergoing significant changes.

If you would like to read the entire news release, it will be posted later today on the BCGEU Component 5 website, which is located at

In solidarity

Kimberlee MacGregor
BCGEU Vice President Retail Stores and Warehouse – Component 5

Donwload PDF of notice here.