Talks continue with PRT Growing Services

November 9, 2015

Following two long days at the bargaining table, on November 4th and 5th, the parties failed to reach an agreement late last Thursday evening. We will reconvene with the Employer on November 16th to try to reach an acceptable settlement.

Although progress was made on a number of important issues, there are still several significant items that remained unresolved, including a fair and reasonable wage increase with retroactivity for 2015. 

The Employer has served notice under Clause 2.11 Emergency Services. This clause requires the Union and the Employer to meet to discuss strike/lock out plans. In the event we don’t conclude a tentative settlement on November 16th, we’ll be meeting with the Employer on November 17th to discuss Emergency Services. In the event that we’re unable to finalize Emergency Services on November 17th, we’ve scheduled a date with Arbitrator Brian Foley on November 30th to make a binding decision on that matter.

No job action is possible until the Emergency Service plan is in place.

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In solidarity

Jan Brewer, Bargaining Committee Chair
Marcel Ouellet, Bargaining Committee  member
Darrell Strom, Bargaining Committee member
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative, Negotiations

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