Bargaining Resumes/Update for River Rock Casino

March 17, 2017

Collective agreement negotiations resumed with your Employer on February 27th, and your bargaining committee is pleased to report that over the course of five days, a number of very significant language proposals were agreed to by both the Union and the Employer.

Of significant importance, a formal, detailed Grievance Procedure will now become part of your future collective agreement. Having a grievance procedure allows you as a BCGEU member, the opportunity to "file a grievance" against your Employer if any term or condition in the collective agreement has been violated. For example, if in you are not paid correctly, and the Employer refuses to correct the mistake, you can file a grievance, with the Union acting on your behalf to resolve the dispute. If it turned out the Employer did indeed owe you money, they would be legally bound to pay you back. Having a grievance procedure in place makes it safe for you to dispute violations with the full support of the Union.

A detailed Lay Off and Recall Procedure was also agreed to. Having a procedure in place in the unlikely event layoffs occur is important. It limits who can be laid off, and takes away the Employers ability to pick and choose who stays or goes. Seniority plays a very big role here. The greater your seniority, the less likely you are to face layoff. There is even a procedure in place that ensures fairness for laid off members who are called back to work. It took a lot hard work to get this language into your collective agreement,

A Job Posting Procedure will also become part of the River Rocks collective agreement. This procedure outlines how jobs are to be posted, how long they can be posted, and most importantly, how they are awarded. Again, this takes away the Employer's ability to pick and choose who gets a posted job, and who does not. Everything from having the ability to perform the work needed, to how much seniority a members has, will have to be taken under consideration. This is all about fairness, and your committee is very happy that this language will be in your collective agreement.

Finally, the parties also came to agreement on a Training Procedure. This procedure spells out how members can apply for additional training, how they will be selected, and how they will be compensated. There is even language regarding Employer mandated, and regulatory training. Having a clearly defined training process outlined in the collective agreement was of paramount importance to your bargaining committee, and now it will be.
To help ensure you receive a copy of bargaining updates please provide a personal email address to the BCGEU at: If we already have an email address on file for you and you wish to edit or update any of your existing contact information, please send an email to:
Bargaining is set to resume in April, with multiple dates scheduled. Rest assured, we will update you on those talks as well!

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee: Cherry Huang, Hayman Sung, Harvinder Jaswal, San Chen, Glenn Matheson, Zenaida Ordonez, Watson Tseng, Eric Escobar

Chad McQuarrie
Staff Representative - Negotiations

Linsay Buss
Staff Representative - Negotiations


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