BCGEU Provincial Executive

The Provincial Executive is the governing body of the union between conventions, and represents the union's membership as a whole.

It sets the policies and goals and supervises the day-to-day affairs of the union.

The Provincial Executive consists of:

Provincial Executive Committeesother committees appointed by the president to carry out the internal business of the union.




The President, Treasurer and Executive Vice-Presidents represent the entire union membership. They're elected by and from the delegates to convention, which is the supreme policy-making body of the union.





(2014 - 2017)

BCGEU Component Representatives - vice-presidents

The Component vice presidents represent the interests of each occupational group. They are elected from the members of the components' executives. Components with more than 7,500 members get an additional representative in the Provincial Executive.

  • Dean Purdy, Vice-President, Correctional & Sheriff Services (Component 1)
  • Andrea Duncan, Vice-President, Community Social Services,  (Component 3)
  • Pamela Pye, 2nd Representative, Community Social Services (Component 3)
  • Sherry Ogasawara, Vice-President, Health Services (Component 4)
  • Salli Rye, 2nd Representative, Health Services (Component 4
  • Kimberlee MacGregor, Vice-President, Retail Stores & Warehouse (Component 5)
  • Doug Kinna, Vice-President, Social, Information & Health (Component 6)
  • Richard Schaeffer, Vice-President, Education, Scientific, Technical & Administrative (Component 7)
  • Carla Dempsey, Vice-President, Community Health Services (Component 8)
  • Scott De Long, 2nd Representative, Community Health Services (Component 8)
  • Rory Smith, Vice-President, Operational Services (Component 10)
  • Maria Middlemiss, Vice-President, Administrative Services (Component 12)
  • Matt Damario, 2nd Representative, Administrative Services (Component 12)
  • Dave MacDonald, Vice-President, General Services (Component 17)
  • George Buis, Vice-President, Environmental, Technical & Operational (Component 20)


  • Mary Rowles, Director of Organizing and Field Services
  • Dan Cahill, Director of Administration and Finance
  • Emet Davis, Director of Research and Interactive Services
  • Thom Yachnin, Director of Advocacy and Human Resources