Young Workers

The Young Workers Committee encourages the involvement of young people in the BCGEU.


Sussanne Skidmore, Chair
Ken Kay (103)    
Renata Saat (305)
Geoff Michalewicz (1005)    
Branden Florio (503)
Kevan Ram (604)
Darlene Gallant (801)
James Coccola (1201) BC Fed YW rep 
DJ Pohl (1204) CLC YW rep
Tori Reid (1207)
Megan Washington (1703) 
Dax Bourke (2010)
Karilysa (Kari) Michaels (704) BC Fed YW rep
Will Beale, Secretary

Vacant, Brewery Winery Workers & Distillery Workers L300
Mary Jane Lentz, CEU (Compensation Employees’ Union)


  • develop and recommend policy to the provincial executive with respect to young worker issues in the BCGEU;
  • work to understand how the BCGEU is relevant to young workers and how to communicate this to young workers to encourage their participation in the union;
  • encourage, mentor and support the participation of BCGEU young workers in the mainstream activism of the BCGEU;
  • encourage the BCGEU to continue to support young workers in becoming and remaining active;
  • research and recommend ways that locals, components and the provincial executive can better recruit young activists;
  • research and recommend ways that the BCGEU can enable young workers to continue their activism once involved; including reviewing union policies and procedures and making recommendations where needed to encourage the enhancement of young worker activism;
  • liaise with area young worker representatives;
  • monitor and promote awareness of young worker issues within the union – provincially, nationally, and globally;
  • promote our union to young workers;
  • encourage increased opportunities on a local, provincial and national scale in the labour movement and with our affiliates for young workers.