VOTE YES: LDB members fighting back on privatization

April 24, 2012

A strong YES  strike vote is an important first step for LDB members who want to stop the privatization of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch.

The province wide strike vote is already underway and voting will close at 5pm on May 11. A strong YES vote will send a clear message to government that you support your bargaining team and that you oppose the privatization of LDB.

The BCGEU recently reached an important memorandum of agreement (MOA) to protect LDB members. According to the MOA, all Retail Store & Warehouse component members whose jobs are made redundant due to the sale will receive employment offers with the new operator. Members of other components (Administrative Services; Social, Information & Health; and Environmental, Technical & Operational) whose jobs become redundant may also receive offers from the new operator. In any case, they’re eligible for permanent placement through the Article 36 joint committee. Click here for more information on the MOA.

With the MOA in place, the next step is a full scale campaign  to oppose the privatization.

A detailed plan has been sent to the Component 5 campaign committee. It outlines a full scale campaign that will engage our members, the public, government and the media. It will include advertising, media relations, public outreach and lobbying.

The goal is to oppose the privatization of the LDB warehouse and distribution system and to head-off any possible privatization of the retail stores.

Vote YES to strike action.

And let’s get ready to defend the public liquor distribution and retail system that has served British Columbians for decades.

Click here for PDF bulletin to post.