Union obtains agreement from Employer to resolve shift prescheduling problems

January 27, 2006

The Employer and the Union are in agreement that BCGEU members have the option to indicate in writing that, for the purposes of pre-scheduling and daily call-out, they are willing to be assigned split shifts, and/or that they are willing to be scheduled to work six days of five hour shifts.

Employees will have the option to work either, both, or no split shifts, and/or a six day work week.

The parties agree that the Employer should preschedule all known shifts of five hours or longer.

The parties agree that shifts should be assigned to auxiliaries on the basis of seniority to maximize a 35 hr. work week.

The parties agree that the Employer will make all reasonable efforts to offer longer shifts as they become available, on daily call-out, to auxiliaries who have been pre-scheduled a five hour shift, in order of seniority.

The Employer will make one phone call at the earliest known opportunity to each auxiliary (with a pre-scheduled five hour shift) to offer the option of the longer length shift. There will be no penalty for those auxiliaries who decline the offer.

If auxiliaries become aware of schedules that do not conform with these stated principles, please forward a copy of the schedule to the Union for follow-up and resolution.

For more information, contact your local job steward, who will put you in touch with an area staff representative.

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