Tentative agreement reached at Lake City Casinos (Gateway Casinos)

March 2, 2011

Please be advised that your bargaining committee was able to reach a new tentative agreement with your employer.

Given the clarity of the membership in their expression of concerns over the last tentative agreement we brought forward for ratification, we paid particular attention to the issues of Rest Periods; Sick Leave and Vacations.

It was your message that we took back to the table and because of this, we were able to get movement on these most controversial issues.

The vacation language will remain as it presently exists, except that we were able to get agreement to keep the ability to schedule individual vacation days. This means that the mandatory requirement to take all of your vacation if you are entitled to more than 10 vacation days has been removed.

The rest periods (coffee breaks), are returned to the way they were in the last contract. Because the sick days were attached to the break changes sought by the employer, the sick leave has also been removed.

We were able to make a few changes to the dental plan improvements. Initially we brought forward an improvement to Plans A and B by increasing the amount of coverage from $1500 per employee and their dependants per year to $2000.  This was to be implemented in the third year in the Agreement. We were able to have this increase applied in the first year after the ratification.

We were able to make a few other administrative changes and additions, but the key concerns were those noted above and with your support, we were able to make these changes.

We will be sending out a detailed document within the next few days along with a highlight package. Meeting dates and locations for the polls will be scheduled shortly and sent to the membership.

In solidarity

Steve Branston, Bargaining Committee Chair
Peter Burton, Bargaining Committee Member
Sharon Kuchuk, Bargaining Committee Member
Katlin McLaughlin, Bargaining Committee Member
Mike Orders, Staff Representative, Negotiations