Tentative Agreement Reached at Lake City Casino (Gateway Casinos)

December 3, 2010

To:    All BCGEU Members at Lake City Casino (Gateway Casinos)

On December 3rd your bargaining committee was able to reach a tentative agreement with your Employer on a new Collective Agreement to expire on September 4, 2013.

We were able to achieve significant wage increases and make some much needed alterations to the amount of wage scales within the bargaining unit.

Other improvements include:

  • Three sick days per year commencing on January 1, 2012 in exchange for a modification of rest periods;
  • A new grievance and arbitration procedure;
  • Improved language on job postings;
  • Detailed overtime language;
  • Improvements in accessing additional work in maximization and a menu for picking up additional available work;
  • Strengthening of union rights;
  • Justice and dignity language in addressing discipline investigations;
  • New layoff and recall language;
  • Shift selection process to now happen annually, but with greater flexibility to additional work;
  • Banked paid holiday language that can be tied to vacations, plus banked paid holidays can be scheduled singularly or concurrently;
  • Vacation language that allows for individual vacation days to be scheduled instead of “vacation blocks”. Members will be required to take all vacation earned each year;
  • The leave of absence provisions have been expanded;
  • There are clear definitions for the entitlement for group health benefits as well as how that eligibility is lost;
  • Enhanced language for casual employees;
  • Agreements on addressing issues around uniforms;
  • Abusive patrons;
  • Indemnity (legal protection for members);
  • Whistle blower protection.

Details and a comprehensive ratification report is being compiled and will be sent to both the worksites and the members homes as soon as completed.

We hope to conduct the ratification during the week of December 13th. Notice of poll and meeting times will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

In solidarity,

Steve Branston, Bargaining Committee Chair
Peter Burton, Bargaining Committee Member
Sharon Kuchuk, Bargaining Committee Chair
Katlin McLaughlin, Bargaining Committee Chair


Gayle Furgala, Local 1707 Chairperson
Mike Schmidt, Local 1705 Chairperson
Dave MacDonald, Component 17 Chairperson
Kirby Judd, Staff Representative
Roz Kennedy, Staff Representative