Public Service Bargaining: Frequently Asked Questions #2 - How and when can I vote on the tentative agreement?

April 16, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions: #2 How and when can I vote on the tentative public service agreement?

Ballots and information for members to vote on the tentative public service agreement has been couriered to stewards.

The balloting is being conducted by stewards and mail contacts at the worksite. The voting starts on Monday, April 19.

Two ballots are being distributed to each member – one ballot for the master agreement, and the other ballot for the component agreement. Members are asked to indicate either “YES” or “NO” to ratifying the tentative master and component agreements.

Members on vacation or away from their worksites can vote at BCGEU area offices.

Members who do not have a steward or mail contact at their worksite should contact their area office. Click here for Area Office contact information.

Stewards/mail contacts will collect completed ballots and forward them to BCGEU area offices or Headquarters. Stewards/mail contacts must return all ballots to BCGEU area offices or to Headquarters by 5 pm, April 29. Ballots from area offices will then be shipped or delivered to Headquarters where they will be counted.

The results of the vote will be announced Friday, April 30.

Notice to stewards: Stewards have the right to conduct balloting on work time

Under Article 2.6 of the master agreement, stewards are entitled to undertake ratification vote – related duties on work time without loss of pay.

Stewards must first obtain the permission of their immediate supervisors before leaving their work to perform ratification duties. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.

On resuming their normal duties, stewards must notify their supervisors.

Stewards/mail contacts should direct questions to the BCGEU office in their area.

Information on the tentative agreement

Members can find information on the tentative agreement on the union's web site. Click here for all the details and check out BCGEU TV.