"Our History is our strength, together let us celebrate"

October 16, 2006

October is Women’s History Month

This month, in every Administrative Services Component Local plans are underway to make contact with as many of our workplaces as possible as part of a BCGEU wide Member to Member Campaign.

In preparation we have had produced two specific Administrative Services posters, both of which are also reproduced on magnets. (See the PDF versions below) One commemorating Women’s History Month and another for Occupational Health and Safety with an “October” theme.

We have also produced color copies of both our June and September communications for your bulletin boards. Your response to both of these has been overwhelmingly positive – and neithersubject is dated. In June we talked to you about vacation coverage – another prime vacation time (December) is just around the corner! Our September bulletin encourages you to consider how you manage your workday.

To ensure that you receive posters and magnets for your workplace please contact your Local Aministrative Services Chair. Not sure who that is? Call your local BCGEU area office.

The Administrative Services Component Executive will continue to produce communications and information for you related to our “Practice Healthy Work” campaign – look for the next bulletin in November.

On behalf of your executive and in solidarity,

Sandi McLean


Administrative Services Component

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